4 Bad Dental Habits Threatening Your Teeth

4 Bad Dental Habits Threatening Your Teeth

Looking for information on bad dental habits? Specifically how some of these habits can threaten the overall health of your teeth? Good idea. Many people do not understand that some of their habits can threaten the overall health of their mouth. This is why it is so important for you to see a dental professional on a regular basis.

A dental professional will thoroughly evaluate your mouth in order to look for anything that can bring harm to your teeth and gums, making regular dental appointments essential to your good oral health. If they happen to see anything that causes them to be concerned, they will let you know so the two of you can come up with an ideal solution.

Dental habits threatening your teeth

The following is a list of four really bad dental habits that people often choose to participate in that will threaten the overall health of their teeth and for that reason should be avoided.

#1 – Nail-biting

While it may not seem like biting one’s nails can bring harm to their teeth, this bad habit can not only chip one’s teeth, it can also cause them to have jaw problems due to the ongoing pressure required to bite one’s nails. A few nail-biting solutions include cutting them very short, coating them with a bad tasting material and finding another activity to participate in instead.

#2 – Brushing the teeth and gums too hard

While it may seem that scrubbing one’s teeth and gums hard will better remove any food particles, bacteria, plaque and tartar, brushing one’s teeth too hard can actually damage the teeth as well as greatly irritate the gums. Instead, it is recommended to gently brush one’s teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

#3 – Using teeth as tools

While it may seem that using one’s teeth to open something is a good idea, it is not. Yes, teeth are made to be strong so they can provide us with a lifetime of use. But they are often not strong enough to be used as tools and when someone does, it can easily result in tooth damage. The simple solution here is to never, ever use teeth as tools.

#4 – Grinding or clenching one’s teeth

Bruxism is the official term used when someone grinds or clenches their teeth. This very bad habit can not only cause teeth to chip or crack, but it can also lead to ongoing muscle tenderness and/or jaw pain. When someone clenches or grinds their teeth they will need to see a dental professional for a proper bruxism diagnosis. Solutions include learning relaxation techniques as well as wearing a mouth guard at night.

Ready to end your bad habits?

If you are ready to end your bad dental habits so your mouth can once again be healthy, you will need to follow the above solutions for bad dental habits. The last thing you want to do is threaten the health of your teeth as your teeth are meant to last you your entire lifetime. If your bad habit is not listed above, then we invite you to contact us as soon as possible so we can schedule you in for a consultation appointment. Hope to hear from you soon!

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