Dental Implants: How They Improve More Than Just a Gap in Your Teeth

Dental Implants: How They Improve More Than Just a Gap in Your Teeth

Dental implants have become one of the leading choices for both patients and dentists in replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. There are a few reasons for this being a top choice, and in this article, we will shed some light on them.

Dental implants provide stimulation

Although most patients may not even realize this when first weighing the pros and cons of getting dental implants, there is one aspect that makes dental implants very different from other tooth replacement options. 

When a person loses a tooth, more is lost than just the tooth itself. The root of the tooth is also lost, and this can cause other issues below the gums that are not seen until things already begin to change outside the mouth. 

When a tooth is lost, the gums and jawbone are not stimulated from the root of the tooth, causing the gums and jawbone to begin breaking down. When this occurs, the outside of the mouth and jawline start to droop and sag, and this is very difficult to fix once it has started. 

Dental implants provide this stimulation, like a natural tooth, helping to avoid any facial changes, jawbone deterioration or gum loss.

Dental implants do not need support

Although it sounds strange, dental implants do not require support. Unlike other options such as bridges, implants are self-sufficient in that they do not need any help from the neighboring teeth. Although it may not seem like a big thing, this can prevent any damage or stress to your other teeth that could occur if a replacement option such as a bridge were chosen. 

Dental implants look like real teeth

Not only do dental implants give stimulation to the gums and jawbone like a natural tooth, but they also look and feel like a person's natural tooth as well. Because of how they are constructed and precisely placed and fastened to the jawbone, they function just like natural teeth. This helps to avoid the adjustments in eating and speaking abilities that other options, such as dentures, can cause someone to have to work through.

Have more dental implant questions?

We know that deciding on a tooth replacement option can be a daunting task. Our trained office staff and dental professionals are always ready to answer any additional questions you may have. By scheduling a consultation, we can sit down with you, look at your unique needs and give you the best option to regain the smile and oral health you had before any teeth loss. 

Just as each person is unique, when it comes to providing the most accurate and personalized answer to any questions you may have, coming to our office for a meeting with our dentist will give you the best solutions. We can look at each aspect of your oral health in addition to a lost tooth or teeth, then begin working with you to get the quickest and best results. 

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