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How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Your Damaged Teeth

A cosmetic dentist can help restore a patient’s damaged teeth through many different dental procedures. Having damaged teeth can be a buzzkill for anyone’s morale and confidence. However, with advanced technology, now there are always plenty of options available for those who wish to have a smile makeover. Get the smile you want today by consulting your local cosmetic dentist for an appointment!

Difference between a general and a cosmetic dentist

One can often mix up the difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist. Both have the skill set to complete an array of common dental procedures such as regular cleaning and x-rays. Both can perform various exams; however, a cosmetic dentist has additional training when compared to a general dentist. When you go in to inquire about teeth whitening, for example, most of the time, a general dentist will refer you to a cosmetic dental office that specializes in improving your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is all about fixing the appearance of teeth and enhancing the patient’s smile. For most cosmetic dentists, it is more like an art form than just science. If you are a victim of stained, worn, chipped or broken teeth, a cosmetic dentist will be the right specialist to refer to. Dental veneers and dental bonding are both popular procedures. Dental crowns are great for decayed or damaged teeth above the gum line. Crowns restore a tooth’s size, strength and appearance.

Additional procedures

Any sort of dental implant such as a bridge is generally handled by a cosmetic dentist due to the need of replacing tooth roots. Implants are generally secured within the jaw, provide an additional foundation for a replacement tooth and can be great for those with just a few minor issues who do not need as much extensive work done. As with any and all procedures, oral hygiene is insanely important before and after. A cosmetic dentist can only do so much; if the patient is not doing their part to maintain their new teeth, their teeth will return to their damaged form over time.

Reasons to see a cosmetic dentist

For some people, seeing a dentist can be scary. Seeing a cosmetic dentist that will focus on the appearance of your teeth can be even worse. However, you have to remember that maintaining oral hygiene is crucial to avoiding periodontal diseases such as gum infections and gum disease. Even if you think that your teeth are ok, you may want to have a cosmetic dentist examine your teeth to see what can be improved. Sometimes teeth look young but are actually unstable. The same goes for teeth wear. Some teeth can appear to look healthy but are on the verge infection. If you are considering any sort of cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is immensely important to find a specialist for your specific procedure. There are different categories within cosmetic dentistry. Contacting the correct doctor for you is arguably more important than the actual procedure itself.

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