Important Information About Adult Orthodontics

Important Information About Adult Orthodontics

Once you are grown, you may assume that it is too late for adult orthodontics. However, it is never too late for you to improve the appearance of your smile. Even though many people get braces as teens, adults can also take care of their smile. This can improve the quality of your life.

Orthodontics at any age

Patients’ jaws are more malleable at a younger age. However, the right dentist can straighten teeth even when the jaw has stopped growing. Whether a patient has a few crooked teeth or a serious issue, braces are an option. Patients who have oral health issues should consult with a dentist first, though. Gum disease and missing teeth can both impact an orthodontic treatment.

Both braces and Invisalign® can treat gaps, underbites, overbites and open bites. Crossbites and overcrowding can also often be treated. This can happen if both the lower and upper jaws are misaligned. A dentist may recommend accelerated orthodontics for some patients.

More than appearance

Many patients choose adult orthodontics to improve the appearance of their smile. However, orthodontics can also improve the function of the teeth. Crooked teeth make it more difficult to brush and floss the teeth properly. This can result in bacteria and even plaque building up. Patients who have trouble keeping the teeth clean may want to consider getting braces.

Getting braces can prevent a patient from having to go through excessive dental work. It can also prevent gum disease. Poor oral health can also cause issues such as stroke and heart disease. This is why it is never too late for braces.

Deciding on the right orthodontics treatment option

Many factors go into helping a patient decide on the right treatment option. The level of needed work and the condition of the teeth both go into that. Personal preferences also play a role. For example, some patients find that Invisalign® offers a more flexible orthodontic experience. Consulting with a few dentists may be a good option for some patients.

Straighter teeth can give patients both their health and self-esteem back. A patient’s oral health may have deteriorated over the years. They may have become more self-conscious. However, straighter teeth can give them better relationships in the workplace and at home.

Extra precautions

Because an adult’s jaw is not as soft as a child’s, an adult may need minor oral surgery. For example, a patient may need extra bone added to replace the missing bone. Any orthodontic treatment will begin with an evaluation of the patient’s oral health. This will check for issues such as gum disease. A dentist can evaluate a patient’s situation to discuss the options.

Visit a dentist today

Before choosing your dentist, you should check the orthodontic services offered. You will also want to look at the dentist’s experience and credentials. You can ask the dentist which treatment option they recommend for you. A dentist will be able to tell if one treatment option is likely to work better than another.