What to do if Tooth Resorption Occurs

What to do if Tooth Resorption Occurs

Generally, resorption is what happens when a part of the body absorbs another part. This process occurs differently depending on the tissues and body parts. Tooth resorption occurs when your boy begins eating away a tooth root’s surface. This is a normal and okay process when it happens to baby teeth but highly problematic when it happens to permanent teeth.

Tooth resorption in baby teeth

During resorption of baby teeth, cells convey messages between the bone and tooth signaling the need for a rebuilding process. A signal is given for the bone between the new permanent tooth and the about to be replaced baby tooth to waste away. The baby tooth eventually falls out to give room for the new permanent or adult tooth.

Types of tooth resorption

Tooth resorption can occur in two ways:

Internal tooth resorption

This occurs when the tooth’s dentin or cementum begins to get sucked in into the tooth canal. This causes inflammation of the entire tooth. Internal resorption happens mainly due to injury caused by trauma, heat, bacteria or chemical harm. The inflamed cells of the tooth then get absorbed into the tooth’s root.

Internal resorption first manifests as a pink spot on the tooth which is a clear sign that the internal tissue has been adversely affected. An X-ray may also display a dental lesion on the affected area.

External tooth resorption

External resorption is quite similar to internal resorption. It can also be caused by trauma, an injurious movement of teeth braces, as well as gum bacterial infection. This ailment is manifested when the exterior parts of the tooth such as the crown are absorbed.  This might lead to loss of the tooth, shifting teeth, as well as jaw tenderness and overall mouth issues.

So what do you do when teeth resorption occurs?

When tooth resorption occurs, it is wise to immediately seek help. Too many people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s going on in their mouth, while others spend time nursing the condition and hoping it goes away. Your best move would be to seek the services of a dentist immediately. The dentist can do the following to address the problem.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth is so absorbed into the tooth canal, the dentist may choose to extract it

Root canal

The dentist may perform a root canal procedure in order to fill and seal the tooth.

Minor surgery

If the condition is still in its formative stage, the dentist may conduct a minor gum surgery procedure in order to get rid of the problematic tissues. This process is quick and safe while also being one of the most effective ways to address tooth resorption.  


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