Why Biting and Chewing Patterns Are Important

Why Biting and Chewing Patterns Are Important

Wondering if your biting and chewing patterns are negatively affecting you? When your teeth are not in their proper alignment, you are definitely at risk when it comes to experiencing many different types of mouth issues. This is also known as having a bad bite, an irregular bite, a crossbite or an overbite. For the most part, this means that your upper teeth and lower teeth are not able to come together properly when biting down or chewing food. When your bite is not properly aligned, the pressure applied when you bite down or chew food is not even and will need a dental professional to correct.

What can cause a bad bite?

What exactly can cause a bad bite, also known as malocclusion? Common causes include losing one or more teeth, experiencing some type of jaw injury, having a chipped tooth, wearing a new dental appliance like fillings and being diagnosed with tumors in the mouth or jaw area.

Why is it important to correct a bad bite

The following is a list of three reasons it is important for anyone who is currently living with a bad bite to correct it as soon as possible.

#1 — TMJ diagnosis

If the bite is bad enough, it can lead to a TMJ diagnosis, or temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ is often caused when there is a lot of stress put on the jaw and makes it difficult for one to chew and even talk.

#2 — Gum disease diagnosis

A bad bite often includes crooked teeth, which makes it much harder to clean the teeth. Not being able to efficiently remove any hidden food particles or any existing plaque or tartar will eventually lead to a gum disease diagnosis.

#3 — Puts teeth in jeopardy

A bad bite will often put a lot of stress on certain teeth. This can make them loose, cause them to crack and even wear down the tooth’s enamel, putting the entire tooth in jeopardy.

Are you currently living with a bad bite?

Are you someone who is currently experiencing problems with your biting and chewing patterns? If you are, the sooner you seek professional dental assistance, the better. When your bite is not in its proper alignment, it is going to cause you various oral issues. While these issues may be minimal at first, they will only continue to worsen over time.

This is why we suggest you call us right now to schedule a consultation appointment! This way, you will know exactly what is happening with your bite and what your options are when it comes to correcting it. Just let us know what a convenient time is for you to come in so we can get you scheduled in. Hope to hear from you soon!

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